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Warning! The Corniche Sublime, the D71 road, is closed for works on the roadway from the Col d’Illoire until after the cirque of Vaumale. The left side of the Verdon Gorges will be closed from October, 24th to December, 15th 2017. You can still visit the part of the road between the Balcons of la Mescla and the cirque starting from Trigance or Comps-sur-Artuby.

The French Colorado 

The Gorges of Verdon forms the biggest canyon of Europe: it’s an area where space and vastness are mixing.

In the limestone of Haute Provence plateau, the river dug a 25 kilometers long canyon, 700 metres deep in places.
The emerald green color of the Verdon river is due to fluorine and micro algae in the water.

The Verdon Gorges: Aiguines, the Corniche Sublime

corniche-sublimeFrom the village to the Artuby bridge, the Verdon stretches out its dazzling gorges. Follow the Corniche Sublime, the D71 road, built during 5 years and inaugurated in 1950.
Your first stop at the viewpoint of Col d’Illoire will let you discover, 300 metres lower down, the emerald green ribbon of the Verdon river, and its entrance to the Sainte-Croix Lake (the Galetas bridge).

cirque-de-VaumaleBy continuing on your way towards the Artuby river, you will discover the Vaumale cirque’s grandiose viewpoint. Its beech plantation is one of the most beautiful of the Var department.

The next step is at the Cavaliers viewpoint, where the terrace of the restaurant “The Grand Canyon” gives a breathtaking outlook: here is the start of the Imbut hiking trail. Then you can go to the Fayet tunnel, highest point of the Corniche Sublime.

pont-artubyBefore leaving Aiguines area, you have to discover the Artuby bridge, thrown on both sides of this small winding river, 180 metres lower down. This bridge is the meeting point of bungee jumping lovers.

The tour of Verdon Gorges 

You will drive approximately 5 hours for this 100 km road trip.

From Aiguines, drive down to the Sainte-Croix Lake and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie (faïence town). Just before arriving to Moustiers, drive towards La Palud-sur-Verdon on the Verdon right bank where you can appreciate Galetas panorama and Mayreste viewpoint. Once in La Palud, follow the route des Crêtes (D23), especially made-up to access easily the viewpoints on the Verdon and its cliffs (climbers’ paradise). The road goes by the chalet de la Maline (Blanc-Martel hiking trail’s departure) and loops back to La Palud. Beware, the route des Crêtes is a one-way road ! Then drive to Rougon where you can stop at the Point Sublime viewpoint, admire the entrance of Couloir Samson and perceive some vultures. Next, you follow the road via Castellane and Trigance, medieval village. You arrive then at the other side of the Verdon, the left bank: the Corniche Sublime towards Aiguines. All along the emerald green river, you will appreciate successive viewpoints: the Mescla (where Artuby river flows into the Verdon), the Artuby bridge, the Cavaliers cliffs, the Vaumale cirque, the Col d’Illoire, before arriving in Aiguines.

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