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The truffle : the black diamond 

Tuber Melanosporum – Rabasse in Provençal language

This black smelly mushroom is 10 centimetres buried closed to oaks’ feet. If you pay attention, you will manage to recognize several truffle plantations around the village. Feel free la Maison de la Truffe d’Aups et du Verdon to learn more about it. 

Lavender, herbs of Provence and honey 


Thyme or “farigoule” is used in various local recipes. Added with bay leaves and parsley, thyme makes up the famous “bouquet garni”.

Lavender was used by Romans to treat wounds and to scent bath. In the past, these flowers were gathered wild in garrigues of Provence, but nowadays, there are cultivated in large fields, like in Valensole plateau.

Honey was harvested in the past by shepherds in wild hives in the Gorges du Verdon. Honey can be very different from another thanks to its colour, its consistence and its taste. Lavender honey is very famous.

Provençal markets 

marche-provencalIn Aiguines, a small seasonal market takes place every Tuesday morning from April to October on the village square.

Provencal markets will know how to whet your five senses : colors, aromas, textures, flavors and good atmosphere.

The most important of them in the surroundings are :
– in Aups where the market takes place on Wednesday and Saturday morning. Moreover, Aups is a typical village of Provence, with a rich historic past. The Var capital of the truffle whose story is told by la Maison de la Truffe d’Aups et du Verdon, it is located 24 km from Aiguines.
– in Riez also called “Riez la Romaine”. The weekly market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday morning in this Gallo-Roman village located 30 kilometers far from Aiguines.

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