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The cultural heritage of Aiguines 

At the beginning of the 16th century, Aiguines began to be famous thanks to the quality of its wood turnery and the manufacture of studded bowls.

Forests in the surroundings of the village supplied box trees enough for wood turners, moreover box wood could be collected freely. During fall, box tree cutters were going in pairs in wild and steep areas of the canyon.

fabrication-boulesBox wood, turned and polished, was used to manufacture planks, mortar and pestle, cutlery and other objects.

Concerning the manufacture of studded bowls, the rounded part of box roots was collected and brought back to the turnery shops in the village. There, woodturners used saw to rough down the root, and turning machine to give a final spherical shape. Women were in charge to cover the wood bowls with special studs.

boules-petanqueSurroundings’ hawkers used to come to the village to get a stock with these objects, in order to sell them in fairs of the area or in bigger towns. This trade, prosperous untill the twenties, declined with the beginning of the steel petanque bowl.

Today, through the Museum of Woodturning and the Escoulen woodturning school, Aiguines recovered these craftsmen’ know-how.

Each year apprenticeships are regularly organized, as well as “Turned wood days” for a week in August.



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