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The school location is housed in a building of 1200 square meters, old holiday camp, acquired in 2004 by the municipality, and made ​​available to the association that governs school.

This institution can welcome trainees throughout the year and ensure their on-site accommodation. Each year a comprehensive training program is developed, allowing everyone to learn or improve in woodturning, durring hobby moments sometimes, but especially for professional purposes. Two types of qualifying training are proposed: six months of the year are devoted to short courses (1 week or more), the other six months are devoted to a long training to become a woodturner (700 hours of teaching).

At the heart of this establishment, of course, a workshop. And what a workshop ! On a surface of 160 square meters, fifteen workstations, each with a recent wood lathe, and a complete set of specialized tools for woodturning. In an adjoining room, a machinery workshop for the preparation of wood (band saw, planer, sander, etc.). A total of over 300 tools – exceptional number – that the school provides trainees.

formation-tournage-boisWe also found two other workshops. One, additional to the woodturning workshop, is intended for sculpture. The second is designed to accommodate, for a year, a trainee at the end of training, so that he can start his activity while remaining supported by the school.

Twelve rooms are available for students who would like to sleep on site, a cooking room allows them to take their meals in a friendly atmosphere.

The trainings are provided by French or foreign professionals recognized for their quality. Yann Marot, woodturner installed in Aiguines, is the school referent trainer since 2015. Employers and funding bodies help to support the training provided.

The school hosts also major events, such as the woodturning annual symposium “Les Petites Journées d’Aiguines” or a collaboration seminary between different arts & crafts “L’Art et la Matière” in partnership with AFTAB and AAF.

Feel free to find our training program and more detailed information on www.escoulen.com.

Allée des Tilleuls 83630 Aiguines

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